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ORVX-SHOP is an all-in-one shop. Buy high quality tools, Such as: cPanels-Shells-RDP's-SMTP-Mailers-Leads and more.., buy them all with a single platform.

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Happy new year to all of our customers, SMTP 1$ offer will be extended for a few months, Enjoy buying a lot of SMTPs you want, Thanks for using ORVX
NOW! ALL SMTPS in the store is for only 1$, Reporting SMTP is disabled, you have checker option to test any smtp before buy. Sale Ends at 1/1/2022
Dear buyers, We have updated the whole platform with new design and add more features in the shop and improved our checker system also we have build an replace system and User requests system to request from the sellers please if you found any error create ticket.
Dear buyers,our team can provide smtps which inbox for most domain providers and most strong email providers will be inbox, smtps with a good sending limit.create ticket for buying
Dear users The only ICQ for the admin is @orvxshop and the only discord is ORVX#2199 others are fake accounts and we aren't responsible for any deal with any other accounts Thanks for using ORVX